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Marie Matteson, MS LMP, CHt
Counseling/Kinesiology/Intuitive Massage Therapy/Psychic Readings.
I am an empathic person and a remote viewer. I have been seeing since I was 4 years old. I have training as a medical intuitive, and been mentored for two years by a well known psychic. I have published health related articles, one in Woman's Day and the other in a massage journal. I have a masters degree in applied sciences and a minor in psychology.
360 714-8888

Jill Miller Simply Spirit Reading & Healing Center
Clairvoyant Readings / Spiritual Energy Healings
Psychic Development Classes
"Energetic House Cleansings"
360 647-7134

A Palmist and Tarot Reader Walk Into a Bar
Private readings and available for parties
Chuck Crooks, Tarot Reader (360) 398-3133
Hayley Boothe, Palm Reader (360) 599-5815
Contact for rates.

Pam Castanera
Paranormal Investigator/Spiritual Intuitive
I belong to a local paranormal investigative group and have had many contacts with spirit, some positive, some not so positive but I also worked with Taimi Dunn Gorman on the "Haunted Fairhaven" book. I am now able to understand and communicate with spirits and ghosts to learn why they are still here. I am able to assist them in getting back on their paths, and to where they are supposed to be. If you are bothered/scared/concerned/curious by events in your immediate surroundings which you cannot explain, please email me at anniepc1234@yahoo.com.  If I cannot solve the problem I have many local resources who can assist as well. I do not charge a fee for my services, but donations are welcomed and appreciated.

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